Now browse your Tally on any device and anywhere with full security

Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.6, the latest version of Tally provides you the facility of browsing of Tally reports from anywhere and at anytime over fully secure connection. Download Tally.ERP 9 release 6.6 and get free access to all your Tally reports through the internet instantly.

Reports That You Will Get Online

Financial Statement Reports

  • Profit & Loss A/c

Analyze the revenue generated as well the expenses incurred thus showing you the Gross and the Net Profit earned for a period. Get your cost of sales at your figure tips

  • Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet will help you to analyze what you own (Assets) and what you owe (Liabilities)

  • Ratio Analysis

It helps you to convert a large accounts data into simple form and check the Cause and effect relationship. It is a powerful tool for functional analysis.

Cash Flow Management Reports

  • Cash / Flow Statement

To know the cash position of your business and ensure you always have adequate cash.

  • Outstanding Management

When you face cash crunch, your customers are the lowest hanging fruits to recover the money.

  • Cash/Bank Book

Provides quick visibility of Cash available in banks

Customer Relationship management report

  • Sales Orders Due & Book

Helps you to maintain adequate levels of stock based on sale orders received.

  • Delivery Note Register

Helps you to analyze the stock delivered on a fortnightly / monthly / quarterly / yearly etc.

  • Sales Register

Analysis of periodic Sales trend (Monthly, Quarterly); Invoice-wise profitability

Inventory management report

  • Stock Summary

Helps you to analyze the stock available so that you can fulfill the orders efficiently.

  • Stock Query

Gives you a holistic view of a specific product viz., which alternate product can be pitched, Product’s availability at various godown/warehouse, the GST rate applicable for the product etc.


  • Controlled and secured Data Access
  • Get the pulse of your Business Data
  • View the Status of Order, to fasten the delivery
  • Get to see Invoice Copy on Mobile and directly Mail to Party
  • Check Stock Availability
  • Browse Tally reports on mobile from anywhere at any time
  • Convenient Tally report viewing
  • Quick decision making and response time
  • Save reporting time to Management

Steps To View Tally Reports Online

  • Update Tally to version 6.6 or Download Tally from website and Reactivate License in Rel 6.6
  • Enable Tally company for Security Control
  • Add authorized Tally Net User to the company
  • Connect company to Tally Net Server
  • Open browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Android, iOS)
  • Log in with your Tally Net ID
  • Access Tally reports