Tally Multi-state GST module

If  you  have  multiple  GST  nos.  of  your  different  branches  in  different  states,  you  need  not  to worry now about maintaining different companies and take headache regarding the reports. It is always  a  better  practice  to  follow  all  the  rules  and  regulations  and  not  make  a  mistake knowingly or unknowingly and this module helps you do just that.

multistate gst module

Key Features of Multi-GST Module:

  • Tally Multi-state GST Module helps to maintain the accounts company located in different states more effectively and accurately, in a single Tally company. 
  • It  automatically  takes  the  GST  rules  of  the  branch  and  implements  it  automatically while making the Invoices as well as reports
  • With a boat load of functionalities and features, it gives you complete control to do business all over the country without any hassle
  • Multiple GST numbers can be used in a single company that have multiple business divisions in different states. The module helps by showing multiple branch company GSTR report in one company.
  • The  module  assists  the users  to  get detailed  reports of  different  units  of  a  company located  in  different  states  separately  and  allow  them  to  file  return  according  to  the difference in tax values
  • The module gives flexibility of automatically recording of transfer of stocks between the different branches of a single company.
  • This module shows branch wise summary of stock items by maintaining branch wise Reporting, Profit & Loss Account, Account Book, Outstanding and Inventory
  • Thus you can have a centralized Charts of Accounts and Reports. You will also have powerful feature to filter branch wise GST and Financial reports