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Tally ERP 9 Auditor

Tally Erp 9 Auditor’s edition is completely audit software designed for Chartered Accountants and Auditors. As for the CA’s it is merely possible to go door to door and work on client’s Tally Erp 9 Software, they rather find the accounting software comfortable according to work.

In tally audit software CA’s doesn’t need to go anywhere and can manage their client’s data from their fixed place which reduces time, increases efficiency and audit to perform a specific task.

There’s also an increment in opportunity by compiling new services in the CA’s Portfolio.


  • A CA can securely access their client’s important data remotely rather going anywhere.
  • Error or mistakes can spot easily using report exception.
  • Schedule of Financial statements can generate in a single stroke.
  • Tax Audit Annexure and form 3CB can generate under SEC 44AB.
  • Every transaction completed by your client can track irrespective of the location.
  • The Capital transfer is properly transparent and visible from one bank to another.
  • The report consisting complete remaining amount can generate in a swish.
  • Transactions can filter according to their priority level.
  • If there is any delay or misleading in a transaction it can also track or analyzed.
  • Misuse of capital can’t ignore. It can also track and analyzed.

Apart from these if you want to verify your balance then you can generate a single stroke report to investigate balance verification. Year wise audit function for the particular client can also track.

If there are any irregularities in a transaction or any regular delay then it can also track using tally ERP 9.0 auditor’s edition.
Leaving above, a simple data entry mistake can also quickly spotted by this software.
So basically these are the key features and benefits of Tally ERP 9.0 Auditor’s edition.

It doesn’t aim to serve an individual or a business organization, its main purpose is to serve the chartered accountant who is paid by the individuals or the organization to work and maintain their business using their Tally ERP 9.0 which is very uncomfortable.

The reason is every individual or organization have their own tally ERP 9.0 customized according to themselves, so if a CA gives a visit to their client then he/she has to face a different customized tally erp 9.0 Software which will become very uncomfortable, so there is an option available for CA’s in the form of this Audit Software which will help them work on a single platform for various clients remotely.
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