Tally AMC

Tally Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC)

Get Annual Maintenance Contract.

Tally AMC of Tally.ERP 9 Hassle Free Support & 100% Uptime Services
Whether you have just begin using tally or it’s been years,our team with high expertise in tally is always available to support your query and doubts, so for the continuity of your business support system you have to renew your Tally AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract).


Tally Annual Cover is a voluntary agreement between the client and Authorised Tally Service Partner concerning the continuity of service and support system provided by TallyWale to their client

By renewing your Tally AMC you can continue using our uninterrupted support system with the phone email, chat, and remote support, not only this renewing your tally annual cover contract properly time to time make you our valuable customer with special privileges.
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Exceptional Tally support with right Tally annual support cover plan according to your business.

Basic Plan

  • For our Single User Customers who require telephonic/Remote Support for troubleshooting tally

Silver Plan

  • Multi user customers who require telephonic/remote support for Maintenance & Troubleshooting of Tally.ERP 9 Mutli User software.

Gold Plan

  • For our Single or Multi User Customers who require telephonic/Remote Support as well as On-Site visit for Troubleshooting & Maintenance of tally

Platinum Plan

  • For our Multi user customers who require Data Synchronization in between their multiple branches of their organization. Including the regular services, Specific service on demand also fulfilled in estimated Budget & Time.

Our AMC support prices are in the range of Rs 5, 900/- to Rs 22, 400/- per year depending upon the number of users.


1) Unlimited Support:- Customer will get benefit of all types of unlimited support at anytime.
for ex: QuickTelephonic support/ Instant online support.
2) Training about the Product:- Employee will get time to time on job training about the Tally.ERP 9 withLatest features.
3) Unlimited onsite Visit:- Customer can get unlimited onsite visit at anytime at their place.
4) Business Advisory service and Suggestion:- Customer will get time to time advise and
suggestion for growthof his business through Tally from our Tally expert team and CA .
5) Data Management and Analysis:- Customer can get auto backup data through Tally.You can manage your data user wise and company wise in a particular way.
6) Latest Feature:- We will gives time to time update and releases at free of cost (If TNS is valid) and also train the people and explain the benefit of latest feature and releases.
7) Management Information System (MIS):- It helps to manage your information and data in systematic manner.

For example: Item wise profit, Invoice wise profit, Payment performa, Unlimited
Data Synchronization, Party & Stock ageing analysis.
a) Reminder Letter:- It helps to How to send reminder letter? For i.e. C form reminder letter, account conformation letter & many more……..
b) Quick Decision Making:- MIS helps to take quick decision and ultimately your time
will save.
c) Data Implementation and Data Design:- We will implement and design your data in default Tally as per your business specific needs. You can take a quick decision with the help of MIS.

8) Instant Problem Solution:- Our Tally Expert will solve your quarries and problem instant.
9) Statutory Compliances:- Customer will get free (If TNS is valid) updates of all type of
Taxes like VAT, TDS,service Tax, Excise Manufacture, Excise Dealer, PF, ESIC, PT, Gratuity.
10) Online Support:- you will get unlimited online Support at anytime anywhere.
11) Quick Support:- Our expert team always gives you quick support and fully satisfies you.
12) Increase your Business:- Training on various modules helps to increase your business.
13) One Point Contact:- You have to contact on one point for any kind of help from Tallyexpert.
14) Transparency and Time Saving:- It helps to avoid confusion and reduce preparing cost
15) Reminder Call:- No need to call us our Tally executive will call you and remind you.
16) Be happy Treatment:- Our first priority is solve the problem or happier Customer.
17) Resource Management:- You can manage your resources in proper way through Tally JOB portal.
18) Flexibility:- It is a flexible solution for your business need.
19) Better Performance:– It helps to increase your Business performance.
20) Peace of mind and Much more………