Tally ERP.9 Jewellery Management Software

 The  Perfect solution for jewellers.

A typical Jewellery Shop (or chain of shops) has to handle many activities on a given business day. It begins with creating your stock items, noting the opening balance, purchasing gold, silver, precious stone and even readymade jewellery for making and selling. Traditionally this business has kept all its records on paper, lately software solutions are helping modern jewellers to manage these.
Yet a need is always felt for a solution that can manage business, inventory and accounts in an integrated manner.

Our solution for jewellery retail management is a very practical answer to many questions.
It involves making use of both Accounting and Inventory features of Tally.ERP9 and make available a solution that is equally useful for users and management.

  • Creation of Gold and Silver as stock items with purity
  • Capturing daily rates of these precious metals
  • Purchasing Pure Gold, Readymade (Branded) Jewellery Items
  • Exchanging Old Ornaments / Fine Gold or Silver with New Ornaments
  • Maintain masters of Salespersons as well as Kaarigars for tracking sales and material
  • Multimode sale with Advance Order, Partial Payment, Cash and/or Credit Card Payment
  • Tracking of stock across trays, shelves, stores and kaarigar shops
  • Tracking of payments from Order and Advance Payment to Final payment
  • Calculating commission to be paid to the salespersons
  • Compliance with statutory framework

Features of Jewellery Management Software

Jewellery Management Software