Tally.ERP9 Solution for Housing Society Management Software

Housing Society Management Software-A Specialised Solution for Housing societies for their easy & efficient work.

We have built-up expertise in developing comprehensive, yet simplified solutions for various businesses segment and one of our specialization is Housing SocietyManagement Software. We have been successful in implementing our solutions with many customers & discovered a some of essential processes and capabilities that can get you the most Ideal Position by improving the efficiency & accuracy.

End to end management of a Housing society with supreme features like member list management, supplementary bills, auto bill generation and much more are available in Tally ERP 9 vertical solutions.

Housing Society Management Software

Challenges Faced

  • Multiple Application to Maintain Society Operational/Bills & Accounting system.

  • Difficulty in Account finalization & Tax returns on time

  • Duplication of Work, Human error & Maintenance cost of applications

  • Ease of usage of application & finding manpower

Single application manages your all tasks

Tally.ERP9 Housing Society Management Software compared to other products

Benefits in terms of functionality

  • Unified system with Billing, Accounting & Finance, Statutory Compliance and thus avoiding duplication of work (save time & cost)
  • Elegant solutions on automation the Monthly Maintenance Bills & prepare outstanding, handle collection hassle-free
  • In-built solutions related to Society Operational – Capture Details related to Members, Occupancy, Settlement due, Choice of Bill Printing, Auto-Interest Calculation, Member Payment history/performance, Monthly collection summary, Sinking Fund/Deposits, etc.
  • TE9 – Off-the-shelf product functional capabilities
  • Tally – Right Technology for your Growing Business needs
  • Before getting to your requirements we would like to brief you on Tally Technology design principles. This will give better insight when we discuss on your current requirements.
  • With your permission, I will spend next 7 to 10 minutes to brief the ‘August audience’ on Tally Technology!!!

Benefits in terms of Technology

  • Simple to deploy & start your operation instantaneously – Single click of Quick installation & Quick Setup to configure your business needs at one-go
  • Banking Module – Easy of Payment Collection, BRS, Cheque Printing & Pay-in-slip generation from voucher entry
  • Comprehensive Solutions on Billing, Accounting & Society operation under one application
  • In-built of Statutory Compliance at press of button – it’s Most Preferred & widely used by Charted Accountants
  • Trusted Remote capabilities to access your business data from anywhere, anytime
  • You can store mail ID & Email all Bills, Receipts & Reports to Members/Parties in Excel, PDF, HTML, ASCII, JPEG, XML, Word at press of button

Tally – Database Advantage

  • Zero Maintenance: Inbuilt, No registry, simple to move across the devices
  • Scalability: Optimized, network independent, Scale-up & Scale-down

  • Data Reliability: External attacks, self-healing capabilities, Highly tolerant to power fluctuation
  • Data Security: Integrity checks, password protection, encryption

Tally – Right Technology for your Growing Needs

What you buy for your Organization’s Needs?

  • Not just a Billing application
  • But You get the Complete Solutions with
  • Best Technology of Tally !!

Tally.NET Capabilities

Harness the advantage of Internet

Tally.NET Services help you connect more efficiently with your business, customers, banks and other business stakeholders

Housing Society Management Software