Tally ERP 9 Hospital Management Software.

A Perfect solution for managing the hospitals

A complete package for Hospital management Software and Nursing homes solutions. So no need to worry about comprehensive hospital modules. Whatever the task is or no matter how critical it is, Our Tally.ERP 9 Hospital management vertical solution got it all covered. All you have to do is to implement our hospital management solution in your default tally. After that, you can amazingly perform the various task given below easily.

Features of Tally ERP 9 Hospital Management Software.

A)TDL Configuration:-
Note:- Before attaching the TDL file we have to open a New Company and also fill the complete details as
screen shown below.

Now to set the TDL follow the below shown steps:-
Step 1:-
Set F12 – Product & Features >> F4 -Manage Local TDL – YES >> Set the path where
the TCP file is located.

B) Features Configuration:-
Step 1:-
F11 Company Features >> Add On Features

Step 2:-
Below menu will be displayed after the features are enabled

A) Masters Creations / Alterations:-
Step 1 :-Hospital Module >> Master Creation/Alteration
I)Bed :-

II) Billing Heads:-



B) Birth Certificate:-
Step 1 :- Hospital Module >> Birth Certificate

A) OPD Creation:– To pass the OPD creation.
Step 1 :- Hospital Module >> OPD Section

B) IPD Section :- To pass the transactions related to IPD
Step 1 :- Hospital Module >> IPD Section
1) Registration :-

2) Admission :-

3) Daily Charges:-

4) Bed Shifting:-

5) Investigation Charges:-

6) Discharge Entry:-

A) OPD Registration Report:-

B) IPD Registration:-

C) List of Admitted Patients:-

D) List of Available Beds:-

D) Discharge Patient Report:-

E) Patient History:-

F) User wise Total Collection:-

G) Cash Receipt Report:-

H) Referal Report:-

I) Investigation Report:-