GAS Agency Software In Tally ERP.9

Gas Agency Software- A perfect Software for their efficient work.

The Gas Agency Software of Tallywale helps in tracking the records of Empty and Filled up Cylinders.
Not only this, TallyWale’s GAS Agency module also entitles for Empty & Full cylinder stock Sales and Purchase from different suppliers, Gas providers, manufacturers, and Customers.

Using this Gas Agency Software, a user can also track the appropriate amount of Air Volume Gas from liquid Gas from the filled tanks in terms of KGS, Liters and Cubic meters.


• Company Asset Cylinder
• Customer Asset Cylinder
Therefore the needs of automation should take place where and how ?

The Industrial Gas Cylinder is presenting the salient features i.e.


The Gas Cylinder distributor Software shows the Purchase of empty cylinder Inventory Stock to get refill and it shows the Inventory Stock for Company Empty Cylinder with us. Once refilling processing is done and now it is available for Sale.

The Gas Cylinder Inventory Software shows the Inventory Stock for Company

So by using our Gas agency vertical solution. You can perform various task related to your organization easy and quick .

Benefits of Gas Agency Software

• Unifies management of construction jobs, work orders, and maintenance contracts
• Simplifies multi-location, multi-company and inter-company construction accounting
• Automates collection and transmission of labor time, equipment usage, and material data from the field to the office with mobile field reporting software
• Empowers decision-makers with Business Analytics by placing daily management information at their fingertips in an analytical format and intuitive user interface
• Facilitates union payrolls, including extensive capabilities to define reciprocity rules to accurately pay employees and fund union benefits

Features of Gas Agency Software

• Cylinder Management
• Refilling Management
• Cylinder Out/in Management
• SMS from Tally
• Payroll
• Audit & Security
• Complete Accounting
• Statutory & Taxation