Business Process in Tally

Business Process In Tally ERP.9

Business Process can manage with Tally ERP.9 Customization.

With Tally.ERP9 Customization, manage your specific tally business specific processes which the user finds difficult to operate in Tally.ERP9. Manufacturing Processes, Trading Processes, Job Work Processes, Service Rendering Process can be maintained through Process Customization.

Business Specific Processes of every organization is a linked process of various activities performed in various directions to deliver a product or service in the end. Generally, most of the accounting software lack in linking these activities together, thus the management has to depend upon two or more alternative options. But, in Comhard, we provide you the solution to manage your complete business process within the scope of Tally.ERP9. We make it possible to reduce the burden of operating alternative options. You can manage your business process like manufacturing, Trading, even the organizations with multiple business lines, Outsourcing, Job Work etc with every possible detail and all the activities linked together in a manner to deliver perfect output with the desired MIS Reporting.

Benefits of Business process in Tally

Cost efficiency:-It maximizing cost efficiency by streamlining business operations and collaboration, automating repetitive tasks, improving product quality and reducing corporate risks.
Business agility:- his has led to a greater demand for ultra-flexible tools that are easy to design, change and deploy
Compliance ease & visibility:- Changes to legislation and other factors have meant that companies without a flexible system for handling end-to-end compliance can incur great, unforeseen costs, both in reporting and penalties.
Customer focus:- This paves the way for ongoing, real-time collaboration with customers in a way that proves responsiveness, personalization and access to information.
Staff satisfaction:- Business processes that are developed and documented help to motivate team members, dedicated professionals who generally don’t want to waste time or money

Features of business process in Tally

• Define & execute business process
• Data manipulation & extensibility
• Define work flows interacting with people
• Create & monitor custom key performance indication(KPI)
• Graphical process modeling
• Process management via graphical administration console
• Integration to existing environment
• High availability, scalability & stability
• Lightweight developer friendly & easy to deploy
• Mange & monitor