Additional Information on Masters

Now Get additional imformation on masters by customised Tally ERP9.

Many information for the Vendors or Ledgers can’t enter in Tally.ERP9 but Tally Customization makes it possible to enter additional information on Masters. These additional details can use for reporting or printing purpose.

The addition of some additional fields on masters like adding some special remarks for Party Ledger, adding additional specifications for Items, tracking those details on Invoice Printing, Reporting are very general requirements of customers. Customers often need to add some additional bank details for Parties, any other information on masters to generate a specific report for them and much more can do in this regard through Tally Customization. This additional information can use for security purposes, Alerts or Control Purposes, or manipulating default voucher process and reporting. An addition of extra columns in Reports, a reflection of these details in VAT or Excise annexure is also possible through Tally Customization.


Features of additional information on Master in Tally-